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KETO QUICK START BUNDLE 2 (30 Day Supply + Digital Products)

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Everything you need to help quick start you into ketosis in one convenient bundle.

This bundle comes complete with:

Keto Hacks-

What This Simple Nutrition Program Can Do For You:

It will show you how the keto diet actually works and integrates into any lifestyle, PLUS why it's the greatest discovery I've found in the past decade
It will show you how we can benefit from ‘nutritional ketosis’ which increases mental clarity, clears skin and creates more energy that sustains all day!

  • It will show you how to get into ‘nutritional ketosis’ with my fail-safe, step by step process.
  • It will show and when to test your ketone levels for maximum accuracy without getting false ‘positives’
  • It will show you when to test your "ketone levels" for maximum accuracy without getting false ‘positives’

Plus, You'll get some of my favorite keto friendly recipes!



Bonus 1: The Direct HIIT 90-Day Workout Plan

Bonus 2: The KetoHacks CookBook

Bonus 3: The KetoHacks Supplement Guide

Keto Base-

Superheroes Will Live Vicariously Through You!

Have you ever felt a burning desire to accomplish more?

When you look at your life leading up to right now, can you honestly say you have put fourth maximum effort 100% of the time?

Where would you be right now if you had?

What kind of body would you have? How much money would be in your bank account if you had gone ALL OUT?

So Why Haven't You?

You know what? Who gives a sh*t about what you did or didn't do in the past.

Today is a NEW DAY!

In this moment you can decide to PUT IN THE WORK required to accomplish all of your goals and live the life of your dreams!

You are NOT like everyone else. You will not let the past define your future! And so we made KETO BASE just for you!

KETO BASE is designed to launch your energy beyond Super Hero levels so you can body slam your goals!

After you take just one serving of KETO BASE, your Supreme Mental Focus and "GOD LIKE" Energy levels will make even the guy from Limitless look like a b*tch.

And when the devil whispers in your ear, "Eat that cake, you've earned it.." KETO BASE will unleash a battalion of Ketones that will wage a holy war on your cravings by drastically reducing your hunger! Allowing you to laugh in Satan's ugly face as he cowers away, horrified by your newfound strength. 

However, Father Time is undefeated. And unfortunately KETO BASE will not make you immortal. But...

It's not about the amount of years in your life, it's about the amount of LIFE IN YOUR YEARS!

Get the most out of your life with KETO BASE.

Rebellion Pre-Workout-

  • BEST PRE-WORKOUT FOR PROMOTING EXPLOSIVE ENERGY. Increases performance and intensity.
  • HELPS AMPLIFY MUSCLE PUMP AND PERFORMANCE. Includes Citrulline Malate which has been shown to dramatically increase nitric oxide levels and muscle endurance.
  • BEST TASTING PRE WORKOUT ON EARTH! Amazing flavor and mix-ability.

6 grams of Citrulline Malate
3 grams of Beta-alanine
1.5 grams of Betaine
3 grams of Creatine
300 milligrams of Caffeine.


Unleash Your Inner Warrior!

Nothing in life comes easy. You have to FIGHT for everything you want - and there are always outside forces in the way, attempting to distract you and deplete your energy. But you my friend are a Warrior! A true warrior REBELS against all opposition and allows nothing to stand in the way of victory. REBELLION Pre-Workout will lead you to your victory.

The secret is a potent, time tested combination of ingredients including creatine, beta alanine, citruline, betaine, caffeine, and black pepper extract. Each individual is a powerhouse. When combined into one high voltage pre-workout system, they give you the explosive energy, earth shaking power, relentless vigor, and the necessary endurance to help you finally build that rock solid super-hero body you desire.


If you workout on a routine basis, then you have experienced those moments when your physical body just isn’t in the game. Your mind wants to hit the gym and train like a Spartan warrior, but your body just feels absolutely drained from a full day at the office or running one home errand after another. What you need is a pick-me-upper, and Rebellion is a pre-workout formula designed to do just that. 

Why Take Rebellion?

Obviously, there are scores of pre-workout supplements out there. What makes Rebellion any different? For one, it only uses natural ingredients PROVEN to work in laboratory studies. It contains zero worthless additives or fillers that serve no functional purpose. Some of the ingredients have also been verified to benefit the body in ways far beyond giving you an energy burst for the gym.


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The main focus of Bro Labs is to provide you with only the best and most scientifically proven ingredients available. 

Most supplement companies have products that are full of low-quality ingredients, Ineffective fillers, and unnecessary additives. There is almost never any scientific backing for the outrageous claims made on labels and in ads. What's worse is that the active ingredients are almost always under-dosed, companies get away with this by hiding behind the phrase “proprietary blend.”

We create supplements set at the highest standard.  Instead of simply making a profit, we aim to help educate consumers on the science of getting in shape so they can make the best decisions for building an amazing and healthy body!

When you choose Bro Labs, you'll get: 

  • Scientifically Proven Products
  • Clinically Effective Dosages
  • Full-Disclosure of Formulations
  • Pure and Potent Ingredients
  • 100% Satisfaction and Money-back Guaranteed
Bro Labs is committed to delivering effective products and ingredients backed by scientific research. We strive to providing a great value in terms of price and cost per serving. We don't just want to sell you more inadequate supplements to make a profit, we want to educate and provide people with the most effective and proven supplements in the supplement industry.