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How Many Calories Should You EAT to BURN FAT and GET RIPPED?

One question I get a LOT is how many calories you should eat if you're looking to gain muscle AND lose fat at the same time. 

I suspect the reason I get this question so often is there is SO much misinformation out there.

Fact is, most ppl have no idea what they're talking about when it comes to building massive arms while maintaining a 6 pack, which is why it's so rare. 

But not to fear, because I broke everything you need to know down into simple steps in the 5 minute video below



A few things you'll learn in the video:

*The biggest mistake people make when counting calories and how to avoid it

*How you can sculpt rock hard abs, even if you have bad genetics

*Exact amount of calories you should eat per day depending on your activity level and weight