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About Us

Bro Laboratories was formed because we were tired of low value, hyped up, heavily marketed and overpriced supplements. We were all too aware of the mass-produced brands that put out cheap products and mask their weak formulas with so-called proprietary blends, fad ingredients, expensive marketing, and paid endorsements to sell products that do not add value to an industry that so badly needs it.

We’re opposed to brands that notoriously cut corners in formulation and quality to increase their margins at the expense of your health and wellbeing...

 Every ingredient we use is backed by published scientific literature that demonstrates clear benefit.

We use the exact dosages shown to be safe and effective in published scientific research, and we are 100% transparent with what’s in our products.

We knew we could change the game and so we did.

Our mission became and still is to educate and improve the minds and bodies of our customers through our various information products, media channels and top notch supplements suited best for informed and discriminating customers who demand the very best.

We're not just a supplement company that obsesses over quality and value. We’re a company who does our homework to bring you the best of the best. We live what we preach. We give you all of the tools you need... including tons of FREE workouts.

We’re obsessed with the scientific side of health and fitness and with educating ourselves and others on how they can safely optimize your athletic performance and thus get the most out of your training, and best nutrition...

We don’t just want to sell you the best supplements...we want you to feel and see the positive changes taking place within you.

We are beyond proud that our mission has impacted so many in positive ways.

To everyone who supports us...